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Zondag 26 mei 2019 van 14:00 - 17:00

Recent research has shown that yoga works therapeutically to improve resistance to stress, anxiety and depression. The effects are stronger when yoga is combined with specific breathing techniques, and guided meditation.

This workshop will add “deep pressure stimulation” from our 6 kg yoga weight, along with aromatherapy, meditation, and yin yoga/restorative postures. Weights of this kind are already in use to improve insomnia and decrease anxiety in medical settings. Using weight in a yoga posture can increase the connection to the pose, help you to get more grounded, and bring awareness into areas of the body that might be holding tension, emotion or otherwise feel “blocked”.

Zondag 26 mei 2019 van 14.00 - 17.00 uur
Pura Vida Yoga, Duivebergen 2A, Keerbergen
Prijs: 40€
Docente: Katherine Walker
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