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Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation.

By changing the pattern of breathing, we can directly influence our physical, mental and emotional state of being. Through conscious connected breathing, attention is directed into the body and brought to the intensified experience of the present moment, free of judgment, comparison or analysis.

The more we can give ourselves to the breath, the more relaxed  we can deal with intense states. Hidden patterns that prevent us from reaching full potential can be recognized and released, and so we can go back to the flow. 

In this breathing circle, we will practice ‘conscious connected breathing’, to return to our natural state of being and release ourself from mental, emotional or physical blockages. 

In a breathing circle you are guided in the practice of conscious connected breathing and being facilitated and supported throughout the whole practice. We will start the practice with a grounding meditation and after the breathwork we offer you space for integration. 

This is a safe space for curious people to experience the natural healing power of breath.

If you suffer from any serious medical or psychological problems and would like to join this workshop, please contact us before so we can check if this workshop is suitable for you. 

There is space for maximum 15 people. This workshop is guided in English. 


Monday 26th February 2024, 19.30- 21.00. 


You can register by sending an email to: And transferring the workshop fee to: Shivay VOF, BE60 7350 6394 0970, using the reference ‘Breathwork Pura Vida 26th February’. 

Workshop fee:

€ 35


This breathing circle is facilitated by Sachin. 

Sachin has been born and raised in India. As a result spiritually came naturally to him from a young age onwards. Through the years he learned a broad variety of practices, which he has been integrating in his daily life until today. It’s his mission to share those practices with as many people as possible. Sachin is a certified Breathwork Facilitator, mindfulness coach and sound healer. 

As Sachin and Lenneke are often facilitating workshops together, Lenneke will be assisting Sachin, so there will be enough personal guidance for everyone. 

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